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Going for a stroll or a bike ride usually feels like a safe and healthy thing to do. However, all too many people seem unaware of the dangers that lurk on the streets and sidewalks of cities and towns in St Lawrence County, and too many morning walks, evening runs, or bike rides turn into physically debilitating accidents. Whether you have stumbled on broken pavement, fallen due to an obstructed path, received an injury due to a lack of signage, or were hit by a car, van, SUV, motorcycle, or truck, you know too well that an accident can be even more serious when the victim is on foot or on two wheels. Far too many New York residents are killed or gravely injured each year in avoidable pedestrian or bicycle accidents. If you have suffered from a pedestrian or bicycle accident in the state of New York, contact the personal injury attorneys at The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., for sound legal representation.



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Without an experienced pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney like those at The Carlisle Law Firm, it’s easy to fall victim to insurance company tricks and strategies. Making statements to insurance company representatives or medical personnel that are held against you when you seek a settlement, sending the adjuster your medical bills, assuming the insurance company will pay them, but instead you’ve just given them access to portions of your medical history, or settling your case prematurely and an underlying injury surfaces ten years later, causing you serious, constant pain are all mistakes that can be avoided with our help.

Bicycle Dangers

Awareness and safety are crucial for any bike rider, since accidents can happen if:

  • Motorists fail to obey traffic regulations pertaining to cyclists, such as failing to yield the right of way
  • Drivers fail to notice your hand signals
  • Drivers fail to notice you at all
  • People entering or getting out of their cars allow the door to swing open directly in your path
  • You attempt to cross a street and a motorist takes a turn into you
  • You are cycling in a public area or on commercial property and collide with debris
  • Reckless drivers don’t pay attention to you in parking lots

Accidents can also be caused by bicycle manufacturing defects or faulty repairs. Although most people don’t ride bikes at speeds comparable to those of a car, most bicycle wrecks are pretty serious.

Both pedestrian and bicycle accidents can lead to debilitating injuries to the head, spine and neck, severe wounds and abrasions, and a host of other injuries that will require leave from work and extensive time in recovery.

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