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Construction Site Accident Legal Assistance

Have you been injured in a construction site accident? Construction sites can be dangerous places, and insurance companies and Worker’s Compensation can be difficult to deal with following a construction site accident. Getting complete compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and your injury’s effect on your ability to make a living in the future can be frustrating, and the stress of dealing with the insurance companies can make the healing process all the more difficult. At the Ogdensburg, New York offices of The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., we help construction workers pursue just compensation for their construction site injuries, and are ready to help you.




Professional Personal Injury Attorneys in Upstate New York

Since 1961, Preston C. Carlisle of The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., has represented injured clients with commitment and compassion. Along with attorneys William W. Carlisle, and Lloyd G. Grandy II, the Carlisle Law Firm has cultivated a reputation as one of St. Lawrence County’s most respected personal injury and construction site accident firms. Let us put our experience to work for you. We offer free initial consultations to victims of construction site accidents.

Compassionate Representation for Victims of Construction Site Accidents

Without the help of an experienced Upstate New York personal injury attorney, you could find yourself facing denied Workman’s Comp and insurance claims, or settlements that don’t take into account the complete toll a construction site accident can have on your quality of life. Construction site accidents can lead to permanent disability, leaving you without the means to make a living well into the future.

You don’t have to fight the insurance companies alone. The skilled personal injury lawyers at The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., serve victims of construction site accidents throughout Northern New York including St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Franklin, Clinton, Essex, and Onondaga counties. When you contact the attorneys of the Carlisle Law Firm, PC, your case will be handled by one of our experienced personal injury lawyers—not a paralegal.

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The construction site accident lawyers of The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., in Ogdensburg, NY, are ready to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. To schedule an appointment, call us in Ogdensburg at 315-393-1111 or send us an e-mail.