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Upstate New York is well-known for its lovely summers, and many locals and tourists take advantage of this balmy weather to enjoy the multitude of lakes and ponds that offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, and the adventure of personal watercrafts like jet-skis and parasailing. However, there are risks and dangers inherent in trying these activities, and it is crucial that people be aware of them before they find themselves injured and embroiled in a lawsuit. St. Lawrence County, NY Law Firm The Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., have extensive experience in the area of personal injury defense involving personal watercraft, and can help you get the compensation you need after an injury or accident on one.


Personal Watercraft Accidents are on the Rise in New York State

There are a large number of personal watercraft concessions that target people wishing to experience the fun and freedom of renting a personal watercraft, and frequently, these operations will have guests sign a waiver. These waivers do not absolve operators from responsibility for serious or fatal injuries caused by negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to a malfunctioning watercraft or negligence on the part of the company that rented you the equipment, you have rights, and should contact an experienced New York personal watercraft accident law firm to assist you with getting the compensation you deserve.

Irresponsibly renting to children, renting poorly functioning or maintained equipment, and failing to provide proper instruction or safety gear to customers are among the most common causes of watercraft injuries. There have been a number of recent incidents in which people rented jet-skis or other personal watercraft with no prior experience and were given no instruction or training on the equipment before being set loose on the open water.

How to Avoid Accidents

If you are interested in renting a personal watercraft while in New York State, do your homework. Find an operator with a solid reputation, one that takes safety seriously. Also, insist upon instruction and safety gear before attempting to operate a personal watercraft, especially if you have never ridden one before. Because many of these operations do not carry adequate insurance, you should be prepared to deal with them legally should an accident take place. Simply because you signed a waiver does not mean the operator is not responsible if negligence led to a serious or fatal accident.

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